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Educational Services

Solterra Solutions provides Educational Services under three main areas.

  1. Research in Support of Policy Development
  2. Program Design and Evaluation
  3. Speaking Services.

Research in Support of Policy Development

Good public policy invariably emerges from a detailed understanding of what has worked and not worked in the past. This is particularly true in the area of education.

Solterra Solutions is able to performing the necessary comprehensive analysis of existing educational literature needed to frame contemporary policy options. We have over a decade of expertise in this area and have worked in support of various levels of government decision-making.

A sample of research in support of policy development-related publications

  • Jago, C., Fleming, T. and Raptis, H. (2006) Working together to improve performance: Preparing BC's public education system for the future. Vancouver, BC: BC Progress Board, (52 pages).
  • Raptis, H. and Fleming, T. (2002) Effective Schools: Literature Review. A research report presented to the B.C. Ministry of Education, Department of Research, Development and Data Analysis. September, 2002.
  • Raptis, H. and Fleming, T. (2002) Effective Instruction: Literature Review. A research report presented to the B.C. Ministry of Education, Department of Strategic Initiatives. November, 2002.
  • Raptis, H. and Fleming, T. (2003) Reframing Education: How to Create Effective Schools, C.D. Howe Institute Commentary, The Education Papers, no. 188: 1-24.
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Program Design and Evaluation

School Improvement in Action

Assessing the effectiveness of educational programs is paramount to ensuring that educational resources are being applied optimally to improve student achievement. Solterra Solutions researchers can assist schools, NGOs, local school districts and the Ministry of Education assess the effectiveness of individual using performance based metrics.

Learning Resources

Victoria Weather Sample Map

Over the last decade we have introduced a school-based weather network throughout Vancouver and the Gulf Islands (;; The school-based weather stations, and teacher resources were developed to assist teachers by providing them with resources that allow them to deliver aspects of the K-12 science education curriculum with state of the art interactive technologies. We have further partnered with CTV Two - Vancouver Island to feed them real time weather data for use in their on air news casts.

We have also partnered with Discovery Science Learning to develop a complete and integrated unit for teaching the foundation of the science of weather to students in the late Primary and early Intermediate grades. It is entitled Destination Discovery: The Weather Zone.

weather zone make a weather station

A second integrated unit Handmade Science: Make a Weather station, Create a Weather Network! expands upon the first unit by providing lesson plans and step-by-step instructions on how to build seven weather instruments from simple household items.

Solterra Solutions has demonstrated success in the design of end-to-end learning resources and curriculum materials. We are able to assist other jurisdictions develop networks for real time data acquisition and display, or learning resources and curriculum materials to support professional development.

A sample of program design and evaluation-related publications

Speaking Services

To request a speaking engagement, please note that A. Weaver is represented nationally by Speakers' Spotlight. Speakwell coordinates requests for bookings locally here in Victoria and the Lower Mainland.

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